Gap-Years & Students

Sustainability has been named as the global challenge of this decade, hence why we believe that exposure to the broader concepts of sustainable leadership, intercultural engagement, and biodiversity conservation are vital in shaping behaviours. Our impact project offers immersive nature experiences facilitated in a hands-on learning experience, with the aim of individual growth whilst contributing to meaningful conservation management in Africa.

Conservation Initiative

Every visitor to Tswehe will have the opportunity to assist in real conservation work on the ground. We are passionate about not only sharing the breathtaking scenery and wildlife, but also what it takes to preserve this piece of paradise and protect the animals that call Tswehe home.


Community Engagement

Through Environmental Education in the community adjacent to the reserve, skills development, education and awareness programmes facilitated with schools and communities in our outreach, we aim to increase knowledge about biodiversity, conservation and ultimately the protection of the wilderness we call home. All our impact visitors participate in our community outreach initiative through active participation, funding support and in kind donations. Your contribution will have an impact and change the lives of many.

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