Vehicle & Walking Safaris

Tswehe offers game viewing either from a vehicle or for the more adventurous guests, we offer walking safaris. Your safety and the wellbeing of the animals are of utmost concern to us, and we aim to not disturb the animals or in any way change their behavior during an encounter.

Our safaris offer plenty opportunity for photography enthusiast, as well as guests just wanting to immerse themselves in observation.

Conservation Initiative

Every guest visiting Tswehe will have the opportunity to assist in real conservation work on the ground. We are passionate about not only sharing the breathtaking scenery and wildlife, but also what it takes to preserve this piece of paradise and protect the animals that call Tswehe home.


Animal Tracking

When tracking animals, we must first come to an understanding of what is meant by what we call “tracks and sign.” Essentially, tracks and sign include any kind of mark or disturbance left by the passing and activity of an animal on a landscape.

Tracks, the so-called spoor, that the animal has left behind is either in the form of footprints, faeces, scratch marks, trails, and many more. At Tswehe our guests will have the opportunity to learn how to track and interpret the signs observed.

Community Engagement

Through Environmental Education in the community adjacent to the reserve, skills development, education and awareness programmes facilitated with schools and communities in our outreach, we aim to increase knowledge about biodiversity, conservation and ultimately the protection of the wilderness we call home

Guests at Tswehe are encouraged to participate in our community outreach initiative through active participation, funding support and in kind donations. Your contribution will have an impact and change the lives of many.


Star Gazing

Depending on the season, you can see various globular and open clusters, planets, gas clouds and sometimes even a galaxy. This is the beauty of stargazing – there is always something new to see depending on what time of the year you are looking into the skies. On most evenings it is possible to view the planet Jupiter, Orion and many other star constellations.

On request our guests can visit the platform to experience and unlock the mysteries of the night sky.

Leadership & Coaching

Nature is not only life-giving in a physical sense e.g., providing our water, our food, oxygen and all resources humans utilize, but also in an emotional and spiritual sense. Nature principles provide limitless examples of adaptive, resilient, self-regulating, life supporting and fully functioning systems. In businesses, families and society as a whole we observe systems as well, so they are not only uniquely part of nature and found in all aspects of life. Nature based leadership and personal development and management coaching integrates physical movement, body-focused psychology, mindfulness and action-oriented communication. Extensive research is giving evidence to the value and benefits of nature based coaching for executives, working teams and organisations. At Tswehe we provide not only the stunning nature setting, but also a highly skilled coach who will be facilitating sessions with individuals and/or your team.


Yoga & Meditation

Practicing mindfulness and yoga immersed in the wilderness by yourself or under the guidance of Isabel. She is not a yoga teacher but has been practicing for years and can give some advice and inspiration in sessions.

Professional yoga teachers do host yoga and safari workshops at Tswehe, which may just be the perfect getaway to recharge your soul and body.

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