Guided Walks & Drives

Tswehe offers game viewing either from a vehicle or for the more adventurous guests, we offer walking safaris. Your safety and the wellbeing of the animals are of utmost concern to us, and we aim to not disturb the animals or in any way change their behavior during an encounter.

Our safaris offer plenty opportunity for photography enthusiast, as well as guests just wanting to immerse themselves in observation.

Underground Photographic Hide

Within walking distance and in sight of the camp there is a waterhole with an underground photographic hide! Tswehe is proud to offer guests the opportunity to experience wildlife and birds up close and intimate from the underground photographic hide. It certainly takes one’s breath away, when a magnificent Elephants stands a mere metre away to drink its full. The hide was designed with the help and expertise of photographers and conservationists to ensure a world-class experience without disturbing the wildlife from drinking.

In the words of one of the best wildlife photographers in Africa: "The hide at the Tswehe Wildlife Reserve is the best I have seen across Africa!"

Tswehe:Lone Tree images5

Animal Tracking

When tracking animals, we must first come to an understanding of what is meant by what we call “tracks and sign.” Essentially, tracks and sign include any kind of mark or disturbance left by the passing and activity of an animal on a landscape.

Tracks, the so-called spoor, that the animal has left behind is either in the form of footprints, faeces, scratch marks, trails, and many more. At Tswehe our guests will have the opportunity to learn how to track and interpret the signs observed.

Star Gazing

Depending on the season, you can see various globular and open clusters, planets, gas clouds and sometimes even a galaxy. This is the beauty of stargazing – there is always something new to see depending on what time of the year you are looking into the skies. On most evenings it is possible to view the planet Jupiter, Orion and many other star constellations.

On request our guests can be taken to an open area to experience and unlock the mysteries of the night sky.


San (Bushmen) Rockart

Visit ancient San art a short distance from the camp. The San people are the members of the indigenous hunter-gatherer culture of Southern Africa and the oldest surviving culture of the region. Their ancient rock paintings and carvings (collectively called rock art) are found in caves and on rock shelters. According to Thomas Dowson, "a lot of rock art is actually in symbols and metaphors." For example, eland bulls meant marriage and curing or the trance dance. Rock art gives us a glimpse of the San's history, and how they lived their lives.

The San are well-known for their profound connection to their land, for their intimate knowledge for the natural world and the delicate balance they have maintained for millennia with their environment. Fundamentally, they understood and lived sustainably.

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