Deep Ecology is the belief that nature’s intrinsic value must be appreciated, that humanity has to undergo a fundamental shift in consciousness to become aware and mindful of our interconnectedness with nature, and to ultimately solve the ecological crisis the planets’ environment is currently faced with. The principles of Deep Ecology are rooted in the appreciation and protection of all life-forms on earth (including humans), irrespective of monetary (resource) value, and that all policies should be changed to restore and ensure sustainability beyond.

Our philosophy is based on these principles and wanting to make positive impact and change for people, wildlife and the environment.

Tswehe Wildlife Reserve aspires to give people an opportunity to immerse themselves and experience true wilderness, stimulating all senses to develop a greater awareness and connection.

We believe in the transformational power of nature and wilderness and in the words of Sir Laurens von der Post, “What wilderness does is present us with a blueprint, as if it were of what creation was about in the beginning when all the plants and trees and animals were magnetic, fresh from the hands of whatever created them. This blueprint is still there, and those of us who see it find an incredible nostalgia rising in us, an impulse to return and discover it again... through wilderness we remember and are brought home again.”


Tswehe Wildlife Reserve is run by married couple, Lloyd Gillespie and Isabel Wolf-Gillespie.


Lloyd Gillespie

Lloyd Gillespie has over 25 years’ experience in tourism and reserve management in Southern Africa. He is a FGASA qualified Lead Horse Guide Dangerous Game and Trails Guide and as such has managed and owned numerous horse safari and wildlife tourism businesses. His extensive bush knowledge, authenticity, communication and leadership skills are the foundation of his successful career. Tswehe Wildlife Reserve has been a dream come true and a project he has been working towards for many years.


Isabel Wolf-Gillespie

Isabel Wolf-Gillespie was born into hospitality with her parents running a restaurant, which has been in her family for 125 years. Her skills and professional experience range from tourism and hospitality, to her own environmental education and life skills development organisation called Earth Awareness, to a diploma in Leadership Development for NPO, a nursing degree, and an Equine Facilitated Coaching practice under which she is currently studying a MPhil in Management Coaching. Her passion lies in community environmental education, specifically the youth, as well as wildlife protection and conservation initiatives. More information about Isabel’s community and consulting work can be found on www.earthawareness.co.za.

The couple lives by the values of integrity, kindness, empathy and respect, which are intrinsically linked with their work and business. Together they also run In the Company of Horses, a horse trail and training company based in Houtbosdorp, South Africa. More information about the horse work can be found on www.inthecompanyofhorses.co.za.